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Real Estate & Property Management

Agents, brokers, lenders and clients can work together in FileWorks Online to provide critical information with permission-based access in a secure environment.

Real Estate
  • make a folder for each client and then create subfolders to provide access to the clients and lenders

  • clients can upload confidential information or use the optional toll-free fax line to fax documents to the account

  • lenders, appraisers and buyer's agents can have access to provide access to reports

  • deal points can be quickly and confidentially negotiated—with electronic signatures securing negotiations

  • notifications allow all parties to be alerted when new documents, faxes or signatures have been received or documents have been accessed

  • agents can set up folders for other functions, as well, such as marketing activities and expenses

  • administrative staff or freelance designers can be given access to marketing folders to upload sales flyers and photos

  • save money on postage and delivery by providing sensitive documents electronically in a more secure system than vulnerable email attachments

Property Management
  • from a central location, all documents can be uploaded into separate file folders for each property

  • use the free scanning software to upload paper documents

  • standard documents can be made available to property owners, while documents of board interest can be separated and protected by permission-based access

  • board members with User-level access can attach Notes to documents and files.

  • a complete history of who viewed a document is stored with that document

  • competitive bids, including specifications, signatures and change orders, can be handled electronically

  • Notifications alert key parties when documents are uploaded or actions are taken

  • Copying and mailing costs are eliminated or vastly reduced

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