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Medical Fields

When security and privacy are crucial, use FileWorks Online to store documents and files, while providing controlled, permission-based access to folders.

Read how the Verden Group Improved Security of Data Critical to Business Operations with FileWorks Online™

Medical Offices
  • use electronic signatures to sign off on documents
    or procedures

  • securely share documents and other digital files with other practitioners while tracking who accessed each document

  • optional toll-free fax line files documents securely in the account, instead of allowing them to be exposed on fax machine trays

  • send outgoing faxes without printing-out documents

  • aged documents can be deleted without the time and expense of shredding and disposing of paper

  • notifications let you know when test results or other important files have arrived

  • group notifications alert key office staff when documents are filed in folders or faxes arrive

  • notations are stored with each document

  • office personnel files and training materials are securely stored, tracked and shared

  • save money on postage or overnight delivery by providing access to sensitive documents electronically

Medical Transcriptionists
  • receive and deliver documents in a secure environment where files are encrypted and protected by state-of-the-art firewalls

  • notifications alert you when documents have arrived for transcribing and alert the doctor when you upload completed transcriptions

  • free scanning software enables paper documents to be saved in the same folders as other files

  • optional toll-free fax line allows you to receive and send documents securely while protecting patient privacy

  • document histories show who has viewed documents

  • printing and mailing costs are eliminated or vastly reduced

  • all documents are stored in one place

  • safely destroy sensitive files without shredding

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