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FileWorks Online provides a new level of organization for manufacturers. Ensure that everyone is working from the same documents and system, even remote workers or employees who are on the road.

  • set up individual customer folders and folders for dealers, resellers and salespeople

  • notifications alert you when documents have arrived

  • the marketing and purchasing departments can share and collaborate with vendors

  • share documents, specifications and agreements with work teams

  • the accountant, human resources department and even the board can be given permission-based access to control who sees confidential or regulated information

  • productivity tools, such as electronic signatures and notifications, bring new efficiencies to the business

  • an optional toll-free fax line keeps faxes private—and saves them from getting lost

  • the audit trail for each document tracks who accesses the document and when they access it

  • the email link is much more secure than attaching a document to an email and the original document never leaves your online file cabinet

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