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Financial Fields

  • clients upload documents (expense receipts, reports, etc.) to FileWorks Online, where they are accessible
    and protected

  • notifications alert the practitioner or client when new documents or files have arrived

  • clients can leave Notes with document files

  • documents can remain archived and safe in the system in case they are needed to backup financial claims

  • document histories indicate who has seen each document and when the document was accessed

  • electronic signatures can be used for sign-off showing a document has been reviewed

  • save money on postage by providing sensitive documents electronically in a more secure system than vulnerable email attachments

  • sensitive documents can be loaded directly into FileWorks Online so the information is never exposed on insecure desktops or laptops

  • add a fax line for secure faxing of documents directly to the account

  • receive instant notification when documents are uploaded

  • share confidential information with partners in the lending process and with clients—and track who has viewed documents

  • discussion items can be written in document
    Notes for a date-stamped record detailing who made the notation

  • printing and mailing costs are eliminated or
    vastly reduced

  • all documents are stored in one place

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