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There are many administrative departments that can benefit from FileWorks Online: accounts payable and receivable, building management, business offices, executive boards, fleet services, human resources, purchasing, sales...the list is lengthy.

Human Resources & Hiring
  • job applications can be scanned, uploaded or faxed directly to your account

  • notifications alert you when applications have arrived

  • give the hiring committee access to candidate resumes, while the resumes and personal information stay safely in the account instead of lying on committee members' desks

  • hiring committee members review resumes, making notations using the Notes feature

  • document histories let you know who has reviewed each document

  • provide each employee access to company operations manuals, policies and procedures—use notifications or email links to update them when new versions are available

  • use electronic signatures for quick, trackable, legal signatures on hiring forms and personnel documents

  • electronic signatures can also be used for sign-off showing a training document or other mandatory document has been reviewed by the recipient

  • keep personnel files and records safely stored while making necessary documents available for employee review and sign-off

  • save money on postage, overnight delivery and mailroom delivery personnel time by providing sensitive documents electronically in a more secure system than vulnerable email attachments

Training Departments
  • trainers and students can be set up with access with just an Internet connection

  • class attendees can view the class assignments at the same time

  • discussion items can be written in document
    Notes for a date-stamped record detailing who made
    the notation

  • assignments and handouts are rapidly distributed using a single upload and group notifications, instead of tying up email accounts with large attachments

  • instructors are instantly notified when assignments are turned in

  • assignments are accessible to instructor and student

  • document histories and electronic signatures verify receipt of documents and can be used for sign-off on assignments or attendee paperwork

  • copying and mailing costs are eliminated or vastly reduced

  • all documents are stored in one place, instead of filed on individual machines

  • eliminates searching email for assignments and handouts

Virtual Assistants
  • introduce clients to a secure and accessible infrastructure for storing their company documents and files

  • help clients implement a secure methodology for greater organization

  • link to client-owned accounts to share documents and perform tasks

  • notifications alert you when a new document is filed in a folder

  • gain quick and trackable sign-off on projects and expenses using the electronic signature function

  • help clients secure their files by storing them in FileWorks Online instead of on vulnerable laptops and computers

  • implement a disaster recovery system for yourself and your clients—with FileWorks Online the files are immediate replicated to backup servers

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